The employees will always be the vital part for the Securiot and the foundations for our success. Long lasting relationships both internally and towards the customer creates a feeling of trust that is essential for creating a win/win situation. In order to create this climate we have a strong focus on developing our staff. We do this by creating individual development plans in order to visualize the improvements both to staff and the management.

The Securiot culture is summarized in our core values that read CARE. CARE is an acronym for Competent, Agile, Reliable and Enthusiastic. These words describe very well the feeling the customers and we have about us.

  • Competent

  • Agile

  • Reliable

  • Enthusiastic

The foundation for our company is that we can deliver a service or solution and this requires competence in all aspects of OT Security. We have specialists in our network in all fields ranging from OT security specialists to penetration testers.

We intend to keep the ability to adapt and to give our customers the opportunity to stay ahead.

To leave someone behind or alone is not the way of Securiot. We stand behind each other and our customers. If a member of our team needs support, we are there for them. The same principle goes for our relationships with our customers since they put the most vital parts of their production in our hands.

Loving the things you do gives you a tremendous amount of energy and always results in better solutions and services. Therefore, the enthusiasm for the things we do are vital to us and we strive to create the right feeling.

OT Security Analysts

The optimal applicant is of course already an OT Security specialist but we know that is quite rare so we are also looking for people with a long automation background. Maybe you have worked as a SCADA developer or a PLC programmer with good knowledge about industrial networks and computers. The main thing is that you are still interested in automation but want to change your career a little bit by learning OT Security. Maybe you are tired of programming and want to try something new! We will train you and give you backup when you start helping our customers.

It is also possible to come from the IT side with knowledge about networks, firewalls etc. and preferable Cyber Security knowledge. If you are coming from this side you probably will work more in the layers above the OT (in DMZ and enterprise network).

Within OT security there are many fields that you can later focus on: network configuration, firewalls, IDS (Intrusion Prevention System), ethical hacking, project lead, OT security standards etc.

OT security requires an intense contact with customer so you need both social and technical skills and of course you should be able to travel some days.

We are always looking for competent personnel to our offices. Please contact us by sending an e-mail with your CV to or give us a call: +46 40 31 69 00